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Your New Best Friend

Anger can destroy your personal happiness and professional success, and is considered by most people to be a negative emotion. But what if it is really a good friend?

This keynote will show you how you can use your own anger and frustration to achieve peak performance in all that you do. Whether you’re a stay-at-home Mum or a corporate boss, you can make your anger work for you instead of against you. You’ll never look at anger the same way again after hearing this keynote.

Learn how to:

  • See anger for what it really is: a powerful human emotion
  • Channel your anger into peak performance energy
  • Use your anger to help fulfil your goals.
  • Defuse anger in others
Lesley’s presentation was one of the most successful ever at our WAVE conference!

ALSTOM, Switzerland

Lessons in Leadership

Discover the secrets of successful leadership from this compelling and entertaining keynote. You will learn from the leadership lessons of international industry leaders and from Lesley’s experiences as a leader of multi-national, multi-cultural organisations.

Learn how to:

  • Establish and articulate your mission and goals
  • Enable your followers to ‘buy in’ to your mission
  • Empower your followers through delegation
  • Ensure leadership congruency and credibility
Thank you for your wonderful keynote ... you kept our guests and members spellbound.

Professional Women’s Group, Zürich, Switzerland

The Luck Factors

If you think the world is divided into lucky and unlucky people, this keynote will likely make you think again. Luck is something we can all have, but first we need to know how to attract it. By working with a simple set of luck factors, you can create your own enduring luck in all that you do.

Learn how to:

  • Build your own ‘luck network’
  • Listen to your intuition
  • Turn bad luck into good

Heart to Heart

If you really want to get through to your audience, you need to connect with more than their minds – you’ll need to connect with their hearts. Your audience wants to know who you are and whether you care before they listen to all the clever things you have to say. Discover the secrets of professional speakers from one who has successfully reached audiences across four continents.

Learn how to:

  • Share yourself and your passion with your audience
  • Create audience bonds with effective story-telling
  • Personalize your humour
  • Develop strong audience-speaker identification

Peak Performance Workshops by Lesley Stephenson

Winning with Webinars

Presenting in the virtual environment can bring you and your company a multitude of benefits. The demand for this medium is exploding, and companies  and individuals who are trained in delivering professional virtual events can offer increased service to their customers while expanding their own bottom line.

However, delivering webinars or virtual presentations requires a special set of skills. Just how do you get through to that audience you generally can’t see? What are the tools you can use to keep audiences engaged in the face of the distractions which surround them?

Professional speaker and speaker trainer Lesley Stephenson has delivered webinar training for numerous individuals and companies such as Biogen Idec International GmbH, Belimo Automation AG, and Bank Julius Baer.

In a half- or full-day training, you will learn to:

  • Select the appropriate online platform for your virtual events
  • Replace visual contact with masterful audience interaction
  • Utilize platform interaction tools to avoid audience distraction
  • Apply the Big Picture principle to your slide commentary
  • Use your voice optimally to capture and hold audience interest
  • Ensure that your performance energy levels remain appropriately high
  • Include webcam technology where appropriate
  • Optimise the design and content of your slides
Lesley's training was informative and helpful in every respect, and we all learned a great deal. Important for us as non native English speakers was also that her language was clear and easy to follow.

Belimo Automation AG

Master Presenter’s Workshop

This 2-day workshop in advanced presentation skills will enable you to refine your speaking skills to the level of mastery. You will deliver a pre-prepared presentation for trainer feedback, and participate in several in-class speaking assignments. This highly interactive workshop has had outstanding feedback for every delivery!

Learn how to:

  • Grab your audience attention with a compelling opening
  • Establish your outcome with a memorable purpose statement
  • Create a strong storyline with effective transitions
  • Use stories and humour effectively
  • Apply the ‘big picture’ concept to your PowerPoint slides
  • Sell your key messages with the help of ‘You-Turns’
Thank you for the excellent training and the precise feedback for the participants. We will definitely contact you again in the future.

DHL Europe, Slovenia

Your Master Presenter Workshops were a great success. Your participant feedback rating of 97% is outstanding.

Credit Suisse AG, Switzerland

Making Meetings Matter

Meetings are the corporate tool of the third millenium. Unfortunately, few of us are very good at organizing or running productive meetings. Poorly organized, unproductive meetings are responsible for a colossal loss of time and money in the global corporate world.

This training program teaches participants the six preparation steps which guarantee productive meetings, as well as rules for chairmanship behaviour and success in conducting meetings. The training is available in half-day and full-day formats. Full-day workshops also address challenges such as conflict management, listening practices, who gets heard, and gender-based issues.

Making Meetings Matter will:

  1. Raise the level of your chairmanship skill
  2. Provide you with a 6-step blueprint for meeting preparation
  3. Analyze your listening skills and correct listening weaknesses
  4. Clarify the gender-based differences in communication which can sabotage meetings
  5. Explain appropriate conflict-management processes and the ‘disarming’ technique

The Power Of Listening

Of the four forms of verbal communication, listening is the only one which is not actively trained during school and college education programs.  This is one of the main reasons why so many of us are not good listeners, and why misunderstandings in verbal communications abound.

This workshop has been designed to fill the gaps left by this lack of listening training. Participants learn to analyze their own listening skills, and are introduced to the five processes involved in ‘normal’ listening. They meet the four steps to empathic listening, and practice these in role-play exercises. Finally, in a series of interactive in-class exercises, they experience the role of silence in communication, and discover the real power of listening.

This one-day workshop will enable you to:

  1. Listen to others in an open and productive way
  2. Learn the skills and value of empathic listening
  3. Recognise the listening practices of others
  4. Experience the impact of silence in listening

Say Goodbye to the Stage-Fright Blues

If stage-fright is getting in your way, this interactive, hands-on workshop is for you. Find out about the origins of stage-fright and why it often appears when we least want it. Learn the strategies of stage-fright experts for managing and mastering stage-fright, and open the door to the performance success you have always dreamed of!

Learn how to:

  • Understand the origins of stage-fright and its symptoms
  • Prevent stage-fright symptoms from sabotaging your performance
  • Diminish stage-fright symptoms through changing your response
  • Optimise your vocal performance even in the face of stage-fright

Your workshop was all that a coaching session should be; well organized, thoughtful of our audience, delivered with passion and full of conviction. I certainly recommend you and your workshop to any speaker with stage-fright issues.

Philip Bendeich, Toastmasters D70 Past Governor, Sydney, Australia

Members of District 70 who attended your workshop were very excited about the learning they took away from the session. Your communication skills put the audience at ease and encouraged them to participate fully. The feedback was extremely positive with all respondents wanting to hear more from you in the future.

Nick Rinaldi, Toastmasters D70 Past Governor, Sydney Australia

Hire Lesley to MC Your Next Event!

Lesley, you were simply phenomenal…the way in which you ‘mastered’ the event was absolutely outstanding.

Zurich International School, Switzerland

The ease with which you guided us through the 3 days was amazing!

Youth Enterprise, Switzerland

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