About Lesley

Perhaps you’re looking for a communications trainer or speakers’ coach. Perhaps you’re seeking a leader who can help you navigate the complexity of intercultural leadership. Or perhaps you’re searching for a speaker who will add expertise and lustre to your event. If so, you’ve found her.

Lesley Stephenson started her speaking career on television at the age of 6. She looks back on decades of international activity as a keynote speaker and communications trainer for numerous interest groups and an extensive corporate client list. DHL, Siemens, Biogen International, Swisscom, Credit Suisse, ABB, Colgate Palmolive, ALSTOM, UBS, Sanofi Genzyme and Swiss Re are just some of her international company clients.

“I have attended similar seminars over the years, yours was by far the best.” – Credit Suisse

Lesley’s stage experience as a former actress and opera singer, her study of vocal production and the F.M. Alexander Technique, her training and experience as a teacher and coach, her credentials as a professional writer, and her proven position as a top-rate speaker enable her to offer her clients a unique package of communication and stage-craft skills. Her chairmanship of multi-cultural organizations, a decade of leadership activity in Africa, as well as her work as a speaker and trainer across four continents provide her with the expertise required to help her clients with intercultural leadership issues. Her background in communications, education, healthcare, law, science, medicine, finance, the arts and journalism allows her to offer tailor-made keynotes to a range of industries. She has spoken to live audiences across 17 countries and to television and radio audiences in Switzerland, Germany, Australia, the UK and the USA.

In addition to the above, Lesley’s expertise in stage-fright management provides added value for those wishing to develop their stagecraft skills and performance impact.

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