Lessons in Leadership

Be the leader you’d want to follow

From Mahatma Gandhi to today’s industry icons, stories of leaders abound. Many of these stories offer inspring lessons in excellence to other leaders, or carry warnings of failure when the need for vigilance is neglected.

In this entertaining and stimulating keynote, Lesley shares some unusual leadership lessons which she has learned from other leaders or from her own long-year experience as a leader of multicultural organizations. As a leader, you will benefit from these lessons as have dozens of industry leaders worldwide after working with Lesley on leadership issues.

Your Friend Anger

Make anger your strongest ally

Anger may not yet figure on your list of friends, but it should. Far from being something to fear and suppress, it can be your most powerful ally, driving your dreams and ambitions to fulfillment. Rather than being something evil, anger is a powerful emotion designed to protect us. You may want to take a second look at anger.

This keynote will enthrall you with tales of people who have channelled the energy of their anger into extraordinary performance. It will also offer you advice on how you can do the same. It is relevant for everyone who has ever been angry, and has been acclaimed across three continents as a compelling resource for facing and handling workplace frustration and domestic strife.

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