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Master Presenter’s Workshop

Don’t settle for less than getting through

Now’s your chance to become the master speaker you’ve dreamt of being. In this workshop you’ll learn how to craft your presentations for maximum impact and truly connect with your audiences. Lesley will share the tools and secrets of master speakers and help you to hone your personal style and strengths. If stage-fright is an issue, she will teach you to handle this effectively as she is a recognized stage-fright management expert.

The highly interactive small-group format of Master Presenters is designed to optimise participant benefits and results. This workshop has received outstanding feedback for every delivery across 3 continents and 10 countries.

Talk About Lucky

Your luck is in your hands

If you still think the world is divided into lucky and unlucky people, this workshop will inspire you to think again. Luck is something we can all have but first we have to know how to attract it. And Lesley will show you just how you can do that. By working with a simple set of Luck Factors, you’ll be able to create your own enduring luck in all that you do. You’ll also experience first-hand the benefits of a ‘Luck Alliance’ which you can create with employees, peers or friends for astounding results. Book this workshop for your company or interest group and see the proof for yourself: your luck is in your hands!

The Challenge of Chairing

Make Your Meetings Matter

Meetings are the corporate tool of the 3rd millennium but most of us are not very good at them. As a result, vast sums of corporate money and manpower hours are burnt each day in poorly organized and unproductive meetings.

This workshop will provide you and your peers, employees and friends with a powerful protocoll for organizing and chairing productive meetings. You will learn how to create efficient meeting agendas and action templates, and how to ensure that meeting follow-up procedures are efficiently executed. The workshop will also address gender communication differences and conflict management within meetings.

Lesley has helped corporations across seven countries to optimise their meeting cultures and she can do the same for you.

Goodbye to the Stage-Fright Blues

You can say goodbye to stage-fright

If stage-fright is getting in your way, this interactive, hands-on workshop is for you. Find out about the origins of stage-fright and why it often appears when we least want it. Learn the strategies of stage-fright experts for managing and mastering stage-fright, and open the door to the performance success you have always dreamed of!

Licensed to Listen

Are You Licensed to Listen?

Of the four forms of verbal communication, listening is the only one which is not part of most school curriculums. That may be the reason why so many of us are such poor listeners.  We take it for granted that if a person has two ears they know how to listen. Sadly, as a result of this assumption, misunderstandings in communication abound.

Licensed to Listen will lead you through the steps which build attentive listening skills, culminating in 4 levels of empathic listening. Not only will you experience immediate changes in your listening ability, you’ll also discover the strength of silence through specially designed listening exercises.

The Power of Teams

Together Everyone Achieves More

This workshop will invigorate even the most sluggish team, and offers simple but effective remedies for team dysfunction. Participants engage in a series of unusual and impactful exercises throughout the workshop, and experience their dramatically empowering  effects on team productivity and communication.

Multicultural teams will profit from Lesley’s long-year experience in leading culturally diverse organizations, as well as from her professional background in intercultural communication.

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